It’s Christmas – Official

10 Dec
Which one is the angel?

Clue: Not the one on the right.

We put the tree up last night.  It was surprisingly quick – only three hours this time.  Odd really, because, for the first time ever,  Tory Boy wasn’t here to help <pause for Mother’s weeping>.   He is busy with end-of-term essays and end-of-term parties. 

The Hub and I put the tree together while Spud finished his homework.  The tree is six feet tall and about that wide at the bottom.  It has branches that have to be individually attached, and each of the branches has about twelve pieces, so it’s lovely and thick.  We bought it at a car boot sale one June, a couple of years ago.  The seller had only used it once and couldn’t be bothered with the hassle.  She was asking £12 and the Hub knocked her down to £3.47, which was all I had left in my pocket.  It was a real bargain. 

Once the tree was up the Hub draped the lights, after much discussion over how many sets of the seventeen we own we should use.  The Hub: three.  Me: all of them.  As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to Christmas lights, more is more.  We settled on four.  Spud came down as we were negotiating and remarked, ‘Now it feels like Christmas: Dad’s shouting.’

After the lights came the tinsel.   The Hub reckons there is an art to draping tinsel – it has to look like snowfall.  Pink and red and gold and blue and green and purple and silver spangley snowfall, but snowfall nonetheless.

Finally, it was the decorations.  We have decorations going back to our first married Christmas in 1985.  We have all of those the children made over the years, and a couple I have made.  We have them from Germany, Kusadasi, South Africa, Disneyland and the States, including an official White House one; we have little paper decorations and some made from seeds and some from plastic.  We have expensive baubles bought at bargain prices that the Hub believes will be family heirlooms one day, assuming I haven’t brained him with them by then; we have cheap but pretty ornaments bought in the after-Christmas sales; we have some that were gifts.  We have them bought from all over and made from all kinds of materials, but the one thing they all have in common is that they each come with a happy memory; and as I unpack them and we put them on the tree, I bore the boys with the story of each one.   They don’t know it now, but one day when they have inherited them, they will bore their own children with the stories, and smile at their own happy Christmas memories.

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2 Responses to “It’s Christmas – Official”

  1. Musings December 10, 2009 at 17:34 #

    That is a gorgeous tree and you got it for an amazing price! They are really costly over here in Hawaii.


  2. ailie December 14, 2009 at 18:11 #

    I agree with the Hub about the draping of tinsel – however, I do think it needs to be draped AFTER the decorations! The very last thing to be put on. And it needs to be gently ‘flung’ for best effect. (And then tweaked, of course, to look artfully un-arranged)


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