Die Before E

11 Dec

Last night’s creative writing class exercise was to write a short story without using the letter ‘e’.  I have to confess I cheated by using them in the title, but not in the tale.  Here’s my effort – be warned: an e-less world does not a good story make.

Die Before E

A man laughs at his girl, who is sitting in a bath of milk.

‘Why do you laugh?’ his girl frowns.

‘I think you might churn into a yoghurt with all of that wriggling and splashing around.’

‘I must lark about for, if I climb out without drizzling my skin in all of this milk, I will dry up.’

Unaccountably wound up, our protagonist abruptly has no thought for his lady.  Alas, I am afraid to admit that this appalling chap sat on his girl’s phizog to banish all air.  Worst of all, our awful man drank milk as a toast to his abysmal sin. 

I can affirm this account’s truth, for I am that atrocious man.

NB I can kill in good form, but writing about it all right is not in my particular skills list.


This was difficult.  It won’t study good, I’m afraid, but it was worth doing.  I had first-class fun trying.


2 Responses to “Die Before E”

  1. Musings December 12, 2009 at 06:33 #

    Good job, Tilly! I luv it! It’s hard to do! Wow!


  2. tillybud December 12, 2009 at 12:44 #

    Nic try!


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