Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

18 Dec

Three flakes and Britain grinds to a halt...

You may have heard on the news that Britain has been gripped by fierce snowstorms.  This is the view from our house last ahem November 2005.   As usual, being sheltered by the Pennines, our weather is a feeble copy of the rest of the country’s.  They get snow; we get a frosty sneeze.  I could take a photograph of how it really looks outside at present, but I’ll have to travel into the hills if you want a snow scene.  We have a light covering that is turning to ice because it’s so cold – I’m a nightshirt, wrapped in a dressing gown, inside a blanket; I’m going to have to start thinking about possibly maybe perhaps turning on the central heating.  It’s  -2 outside, but I can’t get over my prejudice that central heating is the root of all health evils.  The Hub is full of a cold and Spud just went back to school after his bug, and I think it’s because I put on the heat for ten minutes, a week last Thursday.  

The news is full of the usual chaos stories: schools closed; traffic accidents; power failures.  Hey, people!  Newsflash: we get bad weather every winter; it’s always been that way: isn’t it time you were prepared?  I don’t know why we are always caught unawares – it usually snows for a couple of days in winter in Britain; order some grit in summer, whydon’tyou?  Borrow a snow plough!  

I will probably not be writing for a couple of weeks now: having tempted fate, I’m bound to slip and break my neck when I go out later today.

One Response to “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”

  1. Musings December 18, 2009 at 19:45 #

    That looks a lot like what our area in Illinois looks like for most of the winter.


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