Once In A Blue Moon

2 Jan

I’m going to write about last night’s moon even though it has aready been done by Musings, my blogging friend in Hawaii.

That was as far as I got last night before the internet went down, so now I am going to write about the night-before-last’s moon even though it has aready been done by Musings, my blogging friend in Hawaii.

When we pushed Spud out into the cold street on NYE, I noticed a really bright light shining on a car; I thought it was from a street light but it was the moon.  The sky was clearer than I’ve ever seen it in Britain and the moon was full and gorgeous.  I don’t remember seeing a full moon at New Year before, but I suppose I must have done. 

Coincidentally, when I went to bed I had the radio on and the news announcer told me it was a blue moon.  A blue moon does not refer to the colour, but the occurrence of two full moons in one month.  This happens approximately every 33 months.  The last blue moon at New Year occurred in 1990. 

I am not at all superstitious (and I never will be, touch wood), but I choose to read these blue moons as good omens: Tory Boy (a Blue by political persuasion) was born in 1990.  Manchester City play in blue; their theme tune is Blue Moon (which is how often we have won anything for as long as I’ve known the Hub.  Oh, wait; make that ‘never’).  Now that we are the richest club in the world and we have a new manager, the signs suggest that we might actually win something.  I am optimistic, to say the least.  We did think the board blew it by sacking Mark Hughes, and we were all a little blue at first, but things are looking up.

That blue moon was surely a sign that we will win a league that most people don’t care about, in a game that is barely of interest to half the world’s population.  You can see why it was foremost in my mind on New Year’s Eve – it beats having the blues over forthcoming January bills.

Moonchester, the City Mascot

One Response to “Once In A Blue Moon”

  1. Musings January 2, 2010 at 19:09 #

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, Tillie. At least you got to see the blue moon. The fireworks all around me obliterated the moon from our view on New Years Eve. It was beautiful last night though.


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