It’s Snow Good

10 Jan

I am so bored of this weather, and yet more snow is forecast.  One of the advantages of living in this country is its changeable but mild weather.  Britain is not keeping its side of the bargain. 

I am annoyed because I couldn’t go to the cemetery yesterday.   I never miss a cemetery date but I had no choice because it is in Widnes, half-an-hour away; the roads are bad and we are still being advised* to keep journeys to the essentials.  Stockport Council have taken that literally and so we have bin bags piled up in the streets.  Collections are confined to main, cleared roads.  The bags are not smelling, thank goodness, because the cold is preserving them.  Recycling bins are overflowing.   Dirty snow looks slushy but is frozen.  The heating is on most of the time.  Even the Hub felt the cold yesterday, which he hardly ever does because his CFS/ME keeps his temperature raised.  Today is milder: -1.  Warm enough to go out without hat, scarf and gloves and only three layers under my coat. 

My Mum died two years ago yesterday.  I still miss her terribly and I feel bad that I didn’t get there.  The Hub says she would want me to stay home and safe and, yes, she would; but I don’t visit the cemetery for her, I visit it for ME.  She’s not even there, really: she was cremated and her ashes interred so I’m visiting a wooden box and a carved stone; but I need to do it on anniversaries.  I’ll go when the weather clears but it won’t be the same.

Don’t mind me: I’m a little grumpy today.  I was expecting to have my house re-wired tomorrow but the engineer who visited on Friday declared that we have too much stuff and they can’t do it unless it’s all gone.  They won’t be able to access all areas as they need to, so it’s hard lines for us.  I have spent all weekend emptying the loft and Freecycling years of Hub-accumulated junk but I’m a modern Canute and I know I can’t stop the tide of crap rolling over me.   The engineer is coming again tomorrow to check on my progress, in the hope of doing the job next week; but I can’t see it happening.

Never mind.  At least now I have some space in my loft.  Maybe I should dig up Mum and store her there; I could visit no matter what the weather then.



*I find Government advice peculiar.  We often hear The Government is advising people not to panic; but we never hear The Government is advising people it is now okay to panic


2 Responses to “It’s Snow Good”

  1. musings January 10, 2010 at 18:57 #

    I can almost hear a mother’s voice telling you to stay home and be safe, Tillie. If it were me I’d definitely be telling my daughter to STAY HOME and visit me in spring. Her spirit is always with you. You can talk to her from anywhere. Well, that’s what I believe anyway.


    • tillybud January 12, 2010 at 10:02 #

      My husband feels like that, that he can talk to his parents anywhere. I don’t. I don’t even talk to mine at their graves; they’re dead and their souls are elsewhere. I don’t feel like they are watching over me or anything like that. Yet I still feel the need to visit their graves. People are odd, aren’t we?


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