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Sleep, Spit and Mobile Phones

13 Jan

Spud has had a few late nights this past week. One night he just couldn’t fall asleep; Monday he was out at the football and got home late; last night he was upset. I had told him about my phone, joking about it; he was upset that he had left in his pocket and immediately offered to give me his phone as a replacement. Of course I turned him down: it took me eighteen months to get the hang of the last one and it only cost £15. I’ll have to do a three-year degree course to learn to use Spud’s phone which was once his brother’s and came with a two-year contract (so you see how complicated it is). I don’t know what he was thinking.

To cheer him up I zerberted him. If you don’t know what a zerbert is, it involves a lot of wriggling, spit and rude noises and was so-named by Bill Cosby in the first series of The Cosby Show. That seemed to cheer him up a little and wake him up a lot. To be on the safe side, I waited until he was almost asleep then crept into his room on all fours in the dark; climbed up the side of his bed and in a growly voice whispered, ‘Phone wrecker!’ That did the trick, though he did seem a little tired this morning; I wonder why?

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