Spamming The Spammers

27 Jan

Do you remember me telling you way back in November about the way the Hub deals with spam phone calls (Don’t Call Us; We’ll Call You)? Judging by the way he was giggling to himself today, I think he has now found a way to have fun with junk mail, too. Do you ever get those letters from survey companies, asking you for information ranging from the make and model of your car to your baby’s shoe size and how much money you are willing to part with so that charities can hound you for the rest of your life, all for the gift of a homemade pen the length of your little fingernail? The Hub received one today and started to fill it in but got hacked off at the level of intimate detail they required, so he chucked the form in the shredder, took a blank piece of paper and wrote ‘Boo!’ on it, folded it in half and stuck it in the pre-paid envelope. He chuckled all afternoon and I suspect that any junk mail with a pre-paid envelope inside will be receiving similar responses in the future.

I welcome your comments but be warned: I'm menopausal and as likely to snarl as smile. Wine or Maltesers are an acceptable bribe; or a compliment about my youthful looks and cheery disposition will do in a pinch.

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