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The Boy Nick Done Knocked Again

28 Jan

The boy Nick knocked again today. He of the prison visiting order and potatoes for his Christmas Dinner. He has shaved off all of his hair and looks a little scary now. That might also have had something to do with the stink of booze and wide-eyed look. He wanted to phone his doctor to see if his prescription was ready. He held out his own phone in one hand and about £2 in change in the other.  I didn’t take it.  I am under strict orders from the Hub to in no circumstances whatsoever let him in the house, so I dialled the number at the front door on my house phone and then gave it to him to use.  His prescription was ready so he wandered off, coming back a moment later with my phone and a vague ‘Thanks.’  I’m pretty sure he was using but he seemed quite harmless.  I have no experience of drug users beyond the telly so I don’t know if is is usual for them to be as dopey as Nick always is.

Any advice?

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