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A Gad Soodbye

20 Feb

We’ve had a lovely week with the Niece and Nephew but they have gone home today.  We will all miss them.  Well, maybe not Toby: his nose has been a little out of joint this week because the Niece loves her Uncle Hub and likes to sit in her cubby hole in the one tiny corner of the couch between his knee and arm that he doesn’t use.  Toby played a trick on her yesterday: he growled to say, ‘Play with me,’ and when she stood up to get a toy from his basket he jumped into her seat, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Our last night was spent playing Monopoly and I discovered that when it comes to tycoonery, Spud is a monster – he owned three-quarters of the board and had hotels on everything.  He bankrupted his decrepit mother with a gleeful snort and a biting of the hand that won’t be feeding him anymore.  His poor cousins – in every sense of the word – were shown no mercy.  Telling their Dad about the game this morning, he told us he ‘never learned to pray Monopoly ploperly.’  The dysphasia must have been catching because the Hub later spoke of ‘teaning his cleeth.’  They’ll have to get a loan from Spud for peech stherapy.

That’s fall, olks.

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