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Laugh And The World Laughs With You; Snore, And You Sleep Alone

4 May

I am finally feeling better.  A good night’s sleep surely helped: the Hub and Spud kicked me into Tory Boy’s room last night, having endured The Night The Love Died on Sunday.  I slept well on Sunday, despite breathing only through my mouth.  The Hub and Spud got no sleep at all on Sunday, because I was breathing only through my mouth.  I’m not saying my snoring was bad (I wouldn’t know; I was asleep) but you know those earthquakes we keep hearing about?  Don’t be surprised to hear they have their epicentre in Stockport, England.

This post is brief because I have done nothing but sleep, or rest in bed and try to sleep, for several days; but I hope to be back to normal tomorrow.  Thank you for the kind messages; they are much appreciated.

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