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Three At Last

6 May

As it’s General Election Day I’m going with the whole voting theme.  I am really excited about it; more so than usual.  Not as excited as I was in South Africa in 1994, of course, but that was a one-off.

I have been delivering leaflets all week for my Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.  This is a safe Labour seat so I doubt he’ll win, but at least I’ve done my bit for democracy. 

Leafleting the neighbourhood was an interesting experience.  My knuckles are raw from stiff and broken letter box flaps.  I almost lost my diamond ring and had to put it on my other hand.  People standing in their doorways glare at you, daring you to give them a leaflet; I know it’s not anti-Tory sentiment as they don’t know what I’m carrying; it’s anti-junk mail sentiment.  Huge dogs try to eat your fingers and little dogs stick their noses through low flaps.  I was surprised by the number of mail items I could have stolen if I had been so inclined: the postmen don’t push them right in. 

One door opened as I posted the leaflet.  I knocked several times and called out to let the owner know it was open.  No-one answered, but I heard footsteps and then the door was shut in my face.  I hope it wasn’t a burglar.  And if it was, I hope he at least read the leaflet and voted. 

I have been to vote this afternoon.  It was great to see a busy polling station for the first time in thirteen years.  I could write a long diatribe about voter apathy but I can’t be bothered.  I really think the debates have energised the election and I hope it stays that way.  I’m glad to see the Lib Dems doing well in the polls because we need real and vigorous debate and a strong opposition, whichever party it is.  I hope it doesn’t carry over to the actual result, of course, but a good turnout is healthy for democracy and I’ll continue believing that – whoever wins. 

Don’t Forget To Vote

6 May


And if you don’t vote, don’t cry if you don’t like your new government.  Decisions are made by those who show up.

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