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It’s Warm At Last!

22 May

Three weeks into the fifth month of the year and we finally get some sunshine; I thought it was never coming.  I’m sitting here all sweaty and smelly and it’s lovely. 

The English have already started complaining that it’s too hot, of course.  We English – and I say ‘English’ instead of ‘British’ because you never hear the Scots, Welsh or Northern Irish moaning about a bit of sunshine – like our weather mild and our problems weather-related.

There are two types of English in the summer: those who complain at the first sign of melting frost that they can’t stand the heat; usually women.  And the belly-barers: always wobbly; usually men; and roasted like a red pepper at a barbeque.  Actually, that goes a long way to explaining why the complainers are usually women.

To celebrate the advent of summer – long may it reign; please don’t let it rain –  and summer whiners, I dug out a couple of senryu for you:


Thought about writing
a senryu, then  I just
couldn’t be bothered.


Dog Day Afternoon

Spring day; a walk in
the park: the triumph of hope
over effluence.

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