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Why Is It Warm At Last?

23 May

The hot weather was almost my undoing this morning.  It is so muggy, I decided to wear a strappy summer top; it is inappropriate for church so I put over it a pretty, sheer blouse that I can never wear because it is see-through.  Having agonised about my hair for too long – up? down? up high? down low?  clip, grip or slide? should I give in and dye it last? I need a hair cut, especially if I’m going on intervie…crumbs!  I’m late.

I ran all the way to church, which is fortunately just across the road from my house; dived into the toilet; washed my hands; checked myself in the mirror…and found one side hanging out, a la Page One and a Half Girls.  That was soon fixed but what gave me cold sweats was the thought that I was reading in church today and if I hadn’t gone to the loo….

The Hub says I shouldn’t be allowed out on my own; I’m beginning to suspect he might be right.

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