16 July, 1906

16 Jul

My Granddad – my Dad’s dad – was born on this date, so he would have been 104 today, if he hadn’t died in 1964 at the age of fifty-eight.

I never knew him; I was six months old when he died. I do know that he had pianist’s fingers, because my Dad and one of my brothers and I have them too. Only Granddad actually played the piano, though.

My Mum once told me that when I cried as a baby, Granddad would rub my knee and it made me stop.

He was an abandoned child: he was found on the steps of Liverpool Workhouse and later adopted.

He fought in World War Two and didn’t get on – in later life – with my Nan. He would go out in all weathers to collect money; I think he was what was once known as a ‘tally man.’

And that’s all I know. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it? It’s one of the reasons I blog: at least my boys will know as much as I can share with them.

Sorry; I’m not in a laughing mood today.




I had this from my elder brother:


If I remember Dad correctly he was in the 3rd Cheshire Regiment during the war and finished as a Sergeant Major . He was one of the first British troops to enter Belsen and the things he saw there affected him for the rest of his life. My own memories of him are very dim, I was only eight years old when he died, but I liked him a lot. The night Dad told me he had died I ran up the stairs to my room and cried for hours.
Kevin has his medals, if I remember correctly they are all campaign medals, but something, and someone, to be proud of anyway.

2 Responses to “16 July, 1906”

  1. rebecca July 17, 2010 at 01:13 #

    My grandmother died 10 years ago, but this summer she would have been 106. Miss her more every day.


    • tillybud July 17, 2010 at 09:41 #

      I’m sorry to hear that; my own Nan has been dead nine years and I miss her too.


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