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My Husband The Master Criminal

18 Jul

The Hub can add breaking & entering to his cv as of yesterday.  Due to a late start caused by a visit from the most beautiful baby in the world  the Hub only got to his mum’s cemetery at ten-to-five.  It was closed.  He fumed for a few minutes, then decided to case the joint.  To the approval of a couple of women who had driven all the way from Marple to Altrincham only to find themselves locked out, the Hub forced his way through the bushes and fell into the garden of remembrance.  He had time to visit his mum, watch two elderly ladies squeeze in after him, and still be home in time for dinner.  Though he was green when he got in – I had to put him in the washing machine along with his stained clothes – his mum would have approved.


I haven’t given you a household tip in a while, so here’s a good one: don’t waste money on expensive stain removers; rub some cheap washing-up liquid into the stains, leave to stand for an hour or two, then wash as usual.  If you get to it quick enough it will even work on oil stains.

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