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25 Jul

Had fun in church this morning, trying not to laugh at my neighbour.  People were nattering through the notices and without a hint of irony she turned to me as the vicar was imparting something important and said, ‘I hate it when people talk through the announcements.’


The Writer’s Island prompt this week is ‘titles’.  We must take an album and use the song titles as they are to make a poem.  I couldn’t find inspiration that way so I have taken the song titles from Blondie’s Parallel Lines and used only those words but not in order:

Blondie as Blondie

Parallel Lines

I happen on you, one Sunday,
just hanging glass.
I’m gonna radiate heart;
love this, too.

But baby, will I fade away?
Know, pretty girl: anything.
Or know of another way.

Picture the telephone:
Go away.
And don’t.


I never said it would be good!  Here are the titles:

  • Hanging on the Telephone
  • One Way or Another
  • Picture This
  • Fade Away and Radiate
  • Pretty Baby
  • I Know But I Don’t Know
  • 11:59
  • Will Anything Happen?
  • Sunday Girl
  • Heart of Glass
  • I’m Gonna Love You Too
  • Just Go Away


And here’s a little poem about titles in general:

The Thing About Poems Is


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