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I’d Like To Thank My Family…

28 Jul

Robot Cupcake Poetry has kindly nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  The rules are that I must post the award; name seven things about myself that my readers might not know; and then nominate ten other poets; so here goes:

Seven Up

  • I cannot blow my nose without taking off my glasses
  • I cannot blow my nose in public because I have a mortal fear of being seen with snot on my face
  • I did not learn to blow my nose until I was eighteen; the Hub taught me (it was the least he could do when he was the one making me cry all the time)
  • I think my nose is my best feature
  • I HATE wearing glasses
  • As a child, filing papers in paper bags from John Menzies was my favourite activity
  • I wrote a one-act play that was premiered at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre and then never heard of again (okay, I was a teenager and it was a school project, but I was reviewed in the paper and everything)

Ten Down, None To Go


Apologies if your name is on this list and you stumble across it; I have had some trouble leaving comments on blogs this morning.

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