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Dog Day Afternoon (And Evening; Morning; And Another Afternoon)

2 Aug

As you may know, my house has been a little full lately with extraneous relatives, girlfriends and goldfish (each and every one most welcome, of course).  The Hub has been trying to add to the pile for the last several months – not with little Hubs, I hasten to point out; but with another dog.  Toby is a wimp and terrified of anything that breathes that is larger than a gerbil, but instead of flight he now fights; he is becoming dog-aggressive, as the great Cesar puts it. 

Toby does want to be friendly with other dogs but can’t figure out how.  Eight months spent locked up in a conservatory for twenty hours a day and never taking walks will do that to a pooch.  The Hub believes another dog in the house will socialise Toby because he will have to learn to get along with it.  Figuring that I learned to live with the Hub in much the same way, I didn’t raise major objections.  I also figured that it was a non-issue because we don’t have any money to buy another dog and I remember how difficult it was to get one last time.

I hate it when the Hub outsmarts me.  He posted an advert on Preloved, sat back and waited for the offer to come flooding in.  It was more of a trickle but it finally arrived after three months.  Somebody contacted him yesterday morning and by yesterday afternoon we were the proud owners of Molly, the ferret-alike Yorkie and Toby, the quivering wreck. 

I never believed in love at first sight until yesterday.  She is absolutely gorgeous, if rather elongated: her neck is like that eye in the handbag in My Stepmother Is An Alien  but in spite of her deformity she is friendly and affectionate and celebrated joining the household by doing a massive poo on the lounge carpet.

Toby won’t have anything to do with her unless there’s a bowl of food in front of him.  We’ll have to give it some time but if love and patience is what it takes, I’ll leave it to the Hub because that’s his department.

The bloke who brought her stayed so long we thought he was going to change his mind and take her away again.  He sat in his car for thirty minutes before he could bring himself to knock on our door.  The only reason we didn’t collect her is that he wanted to inspect us first.  He seemed like a responsible dog owner and as doting as the Hub, but his wife was better at her job than I am and she insisted that they keep their two-and-a-half-thousand pound Molly-bullying German Shepherd over little Molly Weasel.  His sobbing-as-he-left loss looks like being our gain, and Toby will just have to get used to her.

We had a good walk this afternoon with the kids and the dogs and the Hub and Spud’s four friends, and Molly is now curled up behind me on the chair, cuddling my back.  Toby made a giant stride in the park by saying ‘hello’ to Spud’s friends when they arrived instead of hiding behind the Hub, and it was because Molly had said ‘hello’ first.  I think I’m going to like her.  More to the point, I think Toby’s going to like her.  Eventually.  I hope.

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