Somebody’s Pulling My Leg

5 Aug

You may remember my post of the day before yesterday; if you don’t, you’ll need to refresh your memory here to make sense of today’s post.

I received the following email in response (and thanks also to Jim, for his excellent suggestion in the comments section):

My friend informed me that you may have lost a wooden leg?  If this is to be true then you may be in luck.
Please see the below picture.  I came across this wooden leg whilst shopping in Morrison’s.  It was left next to a shopping trolley outside the disables toilets.
I am somewhat of a wooden leg enthusiast   and I  know a wooden leg when I see one.  I have a huge collection and would love the opportunity to discuss swapping your wooden leg for a more comfortable up to date design.
I do hope to hear from you soon.

Photo of wooden leg against blue background 
Kindest Regards
Shirley Bumtruffle

Best laugh of the day!  Thank you, Ms Bumtruffle.

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5 Responses to “Somebody’s Pulling My Leg”

  1. Jim Palmer August 5, 2010 at 22:19 #

    The coincidences building up on this site have my gast well and truly flabbered.
    The wholly unsolicited e-mail you featured had me scrutinising my genealogical antecedents (illegal in some areas, consult an A to Z if unsure).
    If your contactee is of the Davenport Bumtruffles I think they may be a distant relative of a friend’s acquaintance. How’s that for a small world?

    • tillybud August 8, 2010 at 11:44 #

      I suspect they are of the Cheadle Bumtruffles. Or is that the Beadle Trumchuffles?


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