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For Big Tent, August 23rd

28 Aug
Writing samples: Parker 75

Image by churl via Flickr

This was a difficult one and I’m not convinced it’s finished; I’ve had some useful feedback from my online critiquing group but other critiques are welcomed. 

We had to do a manual task and observe the details, then write about it.  I wasn’t inspired but I thought I’d better write anyway, and as I sat staring at the blank page and watching my hand not write anything, inspiration hit.


Labour Pains

I write, hand tight.
Tense. Always:
past, present, future.
Knuckles hunch like ancient slaves.
Fear snares the words.
Fingers throttle the pen,
afraid I’ll say nothing.
I wrangle blank pages,
ignoring the void.

A Quickie

28 Aug

I follow a blog called The Conservation Report and he posted this today; I liked it so I thought I’d share it with you:

PS  Here’s a weird thing: the recommended tags for today’s post include the inevitable ‘love+sex’ (sorry, folks, I couldn’t think of a better title) but also, bizarrely, ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’.  I’m off to do some googling.

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