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I Am Not Amused

4 Sep

My baby is taking my baby to a Muse concert today.  Spud thinks Christmas and his birthday have come all at once.  Actually, they have: the ticket was a joint Christmas & birthday present from Tory Boy.  Since December 25th 2009 we have heard nothing but Muse Muse Muse I can’t wait it’s going to be great Muse Muse Muse from an excited teenager.

It’s okay for him – he’s the one with the great time to look forward to; what have I got?  A 21st birthday party at which I can eat drink and be merry, when instead I could be sitting at home worrying about his safety.  I don’t worry about Tory Boy anymore because he’s been living without me for two years and he’s still alive proving that either a) I did my job as a mother properly or b) I am properly redundant in my job as a mother.

Incidentally, it is 11:30 in the morning; doors open at four, and Spud is already ready to go.  Old Trafford cricket ground is only twenty minutes by car from here so he could walk it and still be first in the queue.  I never thought I’d say this, but I hate Christmas!

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