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I’ve Got A Cloth And I’m Not Afraid To Use It

27 Sep
Large Brown Mantis cleaning itself

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Exciting developments!  The units and counters are in and covered in dust; I have a night of cleaning ahead.  Hooray!

The Searchers

27 Sep
Champion axeman Charlie Winkle competing in a ...

Image by State Library of Queensland, Australia via Flickr

Some of the searches that found me:

  • the laughing ousewife – someone with a strong northern accent, obviously
  • Oday is a good day to diet – the eighth day of the week, thankfully
  • my husband is a criminal – !
  • I love being a housewife poem – as opposed to being a housewife essay…? 
  • poems about bottle caps – !!
  • brown housewife – this one is simply bizarre; I don’t get it
  • only as old as the woman I fee – sorry, sir; this is not that sort of website…
  • and my personal favourite: only as old as the woman I fell – I’m taking odds on whether it was written by a rugby player or a lumberjack

Carry On Tuesday For September 28th

27 Sep
Inside Regina Spektor's home

Image by John E. Lester via Flickr


The prompt from Carry On Tuesday was to use the first two lines from Regina Spektor’s song The Call: 

It started out as a feeling
which then grew into a hope




Heeding The Call 

It started out as a feeling
which then grew into a hope:
the guy at the end of the email
threw me a virtual rope.
I took my car to meet him;
we walked the slippery slope
of internet suicide websites.
Living was out of our scope.


This was inspired by the story of ‘Heaven’s Little Girl’, who met a stranger on the net and committed suicide with him. 

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