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Everyone’s Sick

3 Oct
It's only a head cold

Image by Neil Boyd via Flickr


Spud has a nasty head cold.  So nasty, it kept him in bed all day yesterday so he couldn’t do the promised tidy of his bedroom; lucky for him he had a brand new PS3 game to pass the time.  But his cold was not so nasty that he couldn’t manage to go to the match in the pouring rain today.  Aren’t head colds peculiar? 

The Hub is more sick than usual: no energy; no blood; no voice.  A visit to the hospital on Tuesday will see cameras being inserted at either end to find the cause of his anaemia. His glands are swollen and he’s concerned they might not get the throat camera down.  He reckons they’ll have to take the bum camera and just keep going. 

Tory Boy has his usual bout of Fresher’s Flu.  He spends the first two weeks of every academic year seriously sorry for himself, and with good reason: he has been more ill these last two years than when he was under my dotage.  I mean doting care.  I think students should be allowed to take their mothers to university for the first couple of weeks, to provide the chicken soup and Lemsip.  I find mixing the two and forcing the resultant concoction on a child ensures they won’t bother me unless they really are at death’s door or having their appendix gouged out.  Happily, Tory Girl will be on hand from tomorrow; she can tell him to pull himself together as well as I can. 

I hardly ever get sick.  I can’t: someone has to go out to buy the soup. 




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