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Our Survey Says

5 Oct
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With thanks to Benjamin Judge, who pointed me in the right direction. 

I’m part of a scene: the Manchester blogging scene.  This is a surprise to my family, who believe to a man that I should remain unseen as far as possible, given my predilection for oldfashionedness: dress sense; religion; approach to mumhood – you name it and I’m a couple of decades behind the rest of the country.   Though I see drainpipes and draped scarves are back in fashion, I said to myself as I watched Doctor Who and ate my Viennetta.   

I quote from  

                      In September 2010, Delineo commissioned a report to investigate the Manchester blog community. This research investigated over 350 blogs in order to accurately capture a snapshot of the vibrant blogging scene in the city. 

According to the report, the average personal blog has 14 posts per month.  I am happy to declare that I am above average:  page 14 of the report proves it.  I also get an honourable – though inaccurate – mention on page 18, which claims that my sixteenth month-old blog was set up in May 2005.  If I had listened just once to Tory Boy it would have been; unfortunately, I only noticed him when he left home and gave me somewhere to store the wet washing on a rainy day, so I was a bit late in coming to the party.   

Still, they say there’s no such thing as not quite right publicity, so I’m not complaining.  Why should I?  I’m on the scene. 


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