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1 Nov
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I have started a new blog. I have a collection of poems about my time in South Africa that I want to share, but this blog isn’t the right place for them. I have made two posts but there are lots more to come, though I probably won’t post something every day.

You can take a look at; it’s called South Africa – A Love/Hate Story.

I hope you’ll join me as I re-live my fourteen years in South Africa, during and after Apartheid.


While I’m at it, let me recommend some other blogs:

My good friend Vivinfrance has two blogs, both worth a look. is called Miserable Old Bat’s Blog and she uses it to rant. It’s an excellent blog to follow if you like a lively discussion. She and I once had a disagreement about the correct use of cliché and she won; I wrote this poem as a result:

Conceding the Correct Use of ‘Cliché’ but Reserving the Right to Use it in Order to Remain Polite When Critiquing

(For Viv, The Silly Old Bat)

Bat say me no right.
Me don’ wan’ fight.
No harshness from me.
I nice.

I no be fettered
by labels. No way.
Rose, he smell good
no matter he name:
he draw blood de same.

Bat, won’ you stay
on yo’ side o’ de fence?
I stay on mine.
We no fall out –
we be friends.
Dis here pome’s

Dear Bat, don’ make me bawl.
Dat no do at all.
We friends.

Viv is not miserable and she’s not a bat, so two out of three ain’t bad…. Her other blog concentrates on poetry, but she also posts a weekly memoir of her life as a child during World War II – a fascinating read. Catch it at

If you like satire and cartoon strips, then you should take a look at It takes an affectionate swipe at all things South African.

Finally, Musing’s blog is another fascinating read. Kay is a gentle Hawaiian woman who lived in Chicago for many years; she and her husband like to globetrot and her travelogues have me drooling with envy.

But don’t forget to visit me at my new home!

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