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I’m In Hiding

14 Nov
Cover of "Everybody Makes Mistakes"

Cover of Everybody Makes Mistakes

A friend at church is a friend of my Blonde Friend via numerous hours at the nearby bus stop (you wait hours for a bus and then none come along as somebody changed the timetable and forgot to inform the passengers).  My Church Friend’s daughter became engaged and my CF asked me to pass on the news to my BF as they no longer share a daily moan, my BF having given up on public transport and taken up power walking instead.

Are you with me so far?

This all happened way back in oh, August, maybe?  A long time in Tilly Bud years, anyway.  I saw my BF several times but forgot to pass on the good news until two weeks ago.  I was rather proud of myself for remembering at all, until my CF cornered me in Home Bargains, demanding to know why our mutual friend had congratulated her husband on his upcoming Grandadcy…?

My BF is going to kill me (when she finds me).  It’s just as well that we live in a society that no longer cares about such things.  Except for my CF (mortified), me (petrified) and my BF (falsified).

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