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Why I Won’t Win ‘Mother of the Year’ This Year

29 Nov

Remember my panic on Friday night when I lost Spud?  Here’s yesterday:

Morning:  Spud goes to play football with his best mate.

Me: What time will you be back?

Spud: One, one-thirty.

Me: Okay, I’ll have your lunch ready.

Lunch Time: me says to Hub, Let’s go buy those things we want to buy (I’m paraphrasing: it’s too close to Christmas to be honest).

Lunch Time Plus (i.e. one-fifteen): my mobile rings.

Spud: Where are you?  I’m locked out.

Me: … … …Oops.

Monday Music

29 Nov

We’re starting with The Kane Gang.  I always loved this song but I haven’t heard it in fourteen years; a Facebook friend posted it yesterday.  Only trouble is, those mean people at Sony say I can’t share the video with you, so here’s the audio version:

Everyone on Facebook says it reminds them of the British summer of 1984 but it reminds me of video tapes and that I was in South Africa.  Another reason to resent my parents.  Oops, sorry: I’m on the wrong blog.


Another week, another episode of the X Factor.  I was sorry to see Katie Waissel go, her pornographic grandmother notwithstanding.  I thought this was her best performance:

I loved Rebecca Ferguson this week; I think she’s fabulous but it was all becoming a bit samey so it was good to see her liven up a bit:

But the performance of the night for me came from Matt Cardle:

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