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Dozy Is As Dozy Does

6 Dec

My Facebook status this morning:

Matt or Rebecca to win! [X Factor]

My Facebook status this afternoon [my profile picture  at the moment]:

I think my cartoon character looks a bit like me today.
A reply from an old friend, which I read in my email inbox rather than on fb:
I think it’s looked like that for a long time.
Take a guess which status I assumed he was replying to….
When I went to my home page his comment wasn’t there and I assumed he had thought better of it and deleted it, so I went to his profile page to complain.  It was only when I checked my notifications (using fb twelve months and only just discovered what they are i.e. instructed by youngest son) that I realised my mistake.  Best laugh I’ve had in ages.

I’ve Learned A New Word

6 Dec
Sun and Ice Fog on Boot Lake

Image by EclecticBlogs via Flickr

Not a swear word, you’ll be glad to hear: 


If that’s not a fantastic word, then I don’t know what is.

It came from sign up for free and receive an email every day, giving you a new word.  I love for two reasons: for all the new words I learn; and for all the words it sends me that I already know, so I can pretend I’m really smart that day.

Pogonip is defined as An ice fog that forms in the mountain valleys of the western U.S.  It’s from the Shoshone word for ‘thunder-fog’.  Don’t you love a language that even has the term ‘thunder-fog’?

If you like learning new words, check out my South Africa blog; today I talk about biltong and dorps.


You may recall a while back I promised you a photo of the most beautiful toddler in the world; well here it is:


Just for good measure, here’s one of him with his parents.  You can see he gets his good looks from his mother:

Daddy is the Hub’s nephew and also the perpetrator of many a joke against me, including a fart machine before they were popular, and telling me they had taken the word ‘gullible’ out of the dictionary.  I showed him my own dictionary but he pointed out that it was an old copy; I eventually believed him.  I have no defence, even if it was back in my what’s the internet? days; I guess I’m just…what’s the word?  Let me check

This photo is my revenge for his latest trick.  Do you remember my wooden leg post?  You may also remember I had a response from a Shirley Bumtruffle: he confessed the other day that she ’twas indeed he.  I suspected someone else altogether; he had me completely bumtruffled.


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