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If Christ Had Been Born Today…

21 Dec

Thanks to earlybird for the link.

And while we’re on the subject:

Rubadubdub I’ve Got A Great Hub

21 Dec
Hot Toddy (33/325)

Image by essgee51 via Flickr

I’m feeling more functional today thanks to the Hub, hereinafter to be known as St Hub the Wonderful.

Last night I was lying in bed surrounded by dirty tissues and self-pity.  St Hub the Wonderful appeared with one of his magical hot toddies, super-improved: we have no honey because I gave it away so he used sugar and it tasted much better.  So did the 50% proof white rum he substituted for the usual brandy.

Having downed it quickly (while hot, for greater effect) I still felt ill but I no longer cared.  I’m even smiling this morning, if a little hungover.

I feel a sneeze coming on; hair of the dog, anyone?

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