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3 Jan
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If you often laugh at this housewife you are either my husband or a regular visitor to this site and you will know that I blog almost every day.  However, I missed seventeen blogging days in 2010 so I have signed up to WordPress’s postaday2011.  A couple of the missed days will have been because I left it late and the time difference meant my post at 11p.m. showed on next day’s date at 0a.m.  But there were enough missed days when I couldn’t be bothered or couldn’t think of anything, so I have taken the pledge.

Don’t worry, dear reader: this will not affect you in any way, unless you are willing to offer the occasional encouraging comment to keep me going.

I’m not off to a bad start: it is Dehrr Three in the New Year House and Tilly has managed not only to suddenly start speaking in the third person in a Geordie accent; but also to write seven posts.  It bodes well for me, if not for your eyes or your boredom threshold.  I wrote 409 posts last year: if the past three days are an indicator, you can look forward to 912 posts in 2011.

You might want to reconsider the nature of your encouraging comments.

I So Hope This Was A Deliberate Mistake

3 Jan

But I doubt it.  An email from the Arts Council arrived in my inbox, advertising a

Novel Wrighting Course, Brighton

Sigh. Whigh, oh whigh are these things sent to trigh me?

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