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Postaday2011: Why Did I Start Blogging?

14 Jan
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My son made me.

Today’s postaday2011 prompt asks why I started blogging.  I started because I was sick of Tory Boy’s nagging.  For years I sent out news emails I called ‘smails’ (because I was too lazy to write ‘news emails’ every time), in a similar style to this blog.  People often asked me to add a friend or relative to my mailing list; by the time I stopped I was sending smails to about forty-five family, friends and strangers. 

Trouble was, no-one ever replied.  I would get emails from those same people on other matters, but hardly ever on the smail subjects.  I reached the point where I wondered if I was talking to myself.  Not beyond the realm of possibility, because the smails were usually seven or eight pages long and who has enough time in their day to be bored by a stranger’s rabbiting?  It’s much better this way, where people who are interested come to my blog (better not mention my blog is linked to Facebook and Twitter so I’m kind of thrusting it in the world’s face).

Tory Boy nagged me for about eighteen months to start a blog and I finally got sick of his moaning and I did it to shut him up.  Of course, he was right: I am addicted, and I was from the first week.  It’s not just the writing; it’s the bonus of the fascinating people I’ve met online, who live such different lives to mine.  I love reading about their doings.

But the best part is the instant feedback in the comments box: ego-stroking is a nice way to start the day.  So, thank you, dear readers.  Please remember to wash your hands on the way out.

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