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A Little Fishy

19 Jan

I’m happy to report the Tobester ate two small bowls of mackerel this morning, and kept them down.

Crisis averted and wallet intact.

Thanks for all the good wishes.  Looks like I’m not the only soppy dog owner in the world. 

Ain’t life grand?

Suggestion Box

19 Jan

My friend Flo, doing her usual complaining about me, has suggested that she suggest suggestions for my blog posts, on the grounds that I’m a misery guts this week. 

I think her suggestion is a good suggestion and I respectfully suggest that she forward her suggestions without hesitation. 

Further to her suggestion, I suggest any other of my readers who have a topic they’d like me to blog about should drop it in the suggestion box at the end of this post (hereinafter referred to as ‘comments’).

So, any suggestions?

Hee hee.  WordPress beat you to it, Flo: I clicked ‘publish’ and a box came up saying, ‘The proofreader has suggestions for this post.’  Mostly along the lines of, ‘Learn to spell, doofus.’ 

The proofreader also asked me to tell you, you are spelling your name wrong; it should be ‘Flow.’

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