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Air Head

20 Jan

Something daft after all my anxiety – my latest conversation with the Hub:

Hub: I’ll have to pop up to Edgeley; I need some Aeros.

Me:    Aeros?

Hub: Yes, for the fish.

Me:    You can’t feed chocolate to the fish!

Hub: Not Aeros, you wally.  Air.  Hose.

Toby Update

20 Jan

The vet was noncommittal: she couldn’t find any lumps or blockages; we think it’s unlikely – though not impossible – that he’s picked something up outside and eaten it; he has a temperature; it may be a bug.  She’s given him three injections, antibiotics, antacids and special food.  If he hasn’t picked up by tomorrow we have to take him back. 

He was excited about the car ride but uninterested in the pet shop where the vet clinic is housed; that’s unusual because he loves going there. 

So, we are no wiser, but it doesn’t seem to be life-threatening, which is all that matters.

False Positive

20 Jan

Toby seemed better yesterday morning and ate breakfast.  He was subdued, but you’re like that when you’re getting over something, aren’t you?

On his walk he only wanted to sit, not even watch Molly run around.  He was sick again last night; and this morning. 

To make things worse, I accidentally pushed him off our (quite high) bed this morning.  He often jumps up around five and we never kick him off in our sleep; it’s like a subconscious thing.  I always give him a love when I get up and I reached out to stroke him as usual but he must have been right on the edge because I knocked him right off.  He squealed and even wet himself a little.  I feel dreadful.

Molly is cuddled up to him, like she knows something’s wrong; the strange thing is, he’s letting her.  He’s going to the vet at ten-thirty.  I’m scared, if I’m honest.

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