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I’m So Glad Tory Boy Has Insomnia

1 Feb
serious sleeping disorder.gif

Image by Hrabina von Tup Tup via Flickr

The phone woke me up at the crack of dawn this morning.  The conversation went something like this:

Me: Huh?

TB: Hi Mum!

                  Me: Huh?

   Me: Huh?

             Me: Who?  Who this?

TB: It’s me.*

Me: Why are you phoning so early?

TB: You’ve blogged; I thought you were up.**

Me: What time is it?

TB: Ten-to-eight.

Me: Shriiiiieekkk.  I’ll call you back.


It appears I slept through my alarm.  I never sleep through my alarm so I must have forgotten to set it.  I never forget to set my alarm so I must have slept through it.  The last time I slept through my alarm I had been travelling for twenty-four hours straight and the phone woke me that time, too: it was my work, demanding to know where I was (in bed with a handsome man.  What a shame it took me twenty-three years to think of an amusing riposte).

I have no idea what happened this morning but I do know Spud was up, washed, brushed, dressed and on his way with a bag of toast by 8:05, all thanks to his insomniac brother, who had phoned to ask me to give him a wake-up call at twelve because he had only had an hour’s sleep.  Oh, the irony.

At least that answers slpmartin’s question yesterday of where my student son gets the time to control his mother’s life: he’s given up sleep for the duration.  I’m so glad.***


*Isn’t it funny how a mother immediately knows who ‘me’ is?  But weirdly, not until he says ‘It’s me’.

**The wonder that is the Publish Schedule button.

***Just kidding.  Honest. 

On Optimism & Pessimism

1 Feb
James Branch Cabell

Image by VCU Libraries via Flickr

I heard this quote as a teenager and it has stayed with me:

The optimist believes this is the best of all possible worlds;
the pessimist fears it is.

James Branch Cabell


Editor’s Note:

My Blog Director has advised me to stop saying ‘This is from a WordPress prompt’.  As my Blog Director is also my eldest son, I have to obey him because I want him to visit me from time to time.  I’m weak, I know; but I like him. 

From now on, all posts based on WordPress prompts will have a tag called ‘WordPress Prompts’. 

I look at it this way: those of you using the WordPress prompts will know what they are; no one else will care.

Is that alright, sweetie?  If you visit this weekend, I’ll do a gammon roast.

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