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How Exciting!

24 Feb

Tory Boy is on the radio right now (20:18 UK time) until ten p.m.

If you happen to be visiting me as I post this you can hear him at

He’s the one with the distinctive laugh and frightening hair (there’s also a webcam feed).

Do I Blog Too Much?

24 Feb
Staring or Pleading?

Image by marctonysmith via Flickr

Here’s a weird thing: I have typed that question at least four times (I had a little technical difficulty creating the poll.  Go figure) and each time I typed it as Do I Blog Too MUch? 

You know what just happened there, don’t you?  The capital U didn’t appear that time and I had to add it.  The brain is a weird thing.  (No need to comment on that last statement, dear reader; I already know what you’re thinking.)

The point of this post: I noticed that I have written 51 blog posts this month; or 2.something per February day to date.  That means you are expected to read and comment on my blog (and I’m keeping a record…) twopointsomething times a day, or 51 times in 24 days (how good am I at sums??).  Given how difficult I am finding it to read and comment on all the blogs I follow (and like!  Honest!  I’m not just doing it to be polite) and still have a semblance of a life, I wondered if I should perhaps scale back the number of posts I, well, post.

So, at the risk of putting myself out of business, and because I’ve been dying to create another poll, do you think I blog too much? 

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