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A Good Week For Dogs

4 Mar

Sort of.

Like humans (present company excepted) (I hope), dolphins commit rape, murder and have huge orgies.  They also rescue lost dogs.  Read the story here of how two dolphins stayed with a stranded Doberman and caused a commotion to make sure it was saved.

Like dolphins, humans kill other species.  Humans kill dogs because they are surplus to requirements: five stray pups were put to sleep but one survived two lethal injections and now people from all over are clamouring to give it a home.  Read all about it.

These stories should make me happy but I can’t help thinking

  • how many of those people would have gone to a shelter to rescue a pup before this story?  And how many of those who want him now will go get one when they are unsuccessful in their application? 
  • what kind of person wants the job of pup killer?
  • dolphins aren’t what they used to be (non-sex-crazed, non-murdering clever chaps of the sea). 
  • if our closest rivals for world domination are not vegetarians, then why should I be?

Gay Socks And Singing Supermarkets

4 Mar
this place has gay socks!

Image by numist via Flickr

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