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The Laughing Baby

5 Mar

Something to really brighten your day:

Discovering The Truth

5 Mar
What's wrong with capital letters?
Image by hugovk via Flickr

THIS is the weekly theme from Viewfromtheside’s Blog. 

I was going to go with my Dad’s cancer diagnosis or my Mum’s issueI’vedecidednottotalkaboutafterall: something grim for a dull Saturday.  BUT as I was typing I had a real revelation; here it is:

I discovered the truth about why all newspaper articles start with the first word in capital letters.  IT’S not to catch the reader’s eye or make a bold point: it’s because the typist’s fingers are too quick for the brain.

THINK about it: how many times have you had to go back and re-type the first word of every sentence?  I do it all the time. 

THAT’S one puzzle solved.  TWELVE million to go.

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