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Let That Be A Lesson To You

19 Mar

What’s the biggest lesson you learned so far this year?

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Five Children And Eat

19 Mar

Yesterday was a success.  Got the house all cleaned up and a pancake stack as high as me ready for five hungry lads (though they didn’t look anything like this photo: think flat moons with scabby knees).  I had the table laid ready for them and snacks set aside to take upstairs when they were done – teenage boys needing to be fed two-hourly, like newborns.  Such lovely boys they are, though; so I didn’t mind.

Pancake-making is dull work and takes forever.  I didn’t want the boys sitting in the kitchen with me, making forced conversation and eating one at a time, so I was cunning: I have three frying pans; I used them all at once.  I poured and flipped (I am a good flipper; it’s all in the wrist) and stacked at three times my usual pace.  I even thought to warm the pancake plate in the microwave beforehand.  Entertaining is hard work but I was happy to do it for those nice boys.

I was able to forgive them for the way they trashed Spud’s room.  He cleans his own room so it’s not like I have a stake in it.  They pulled out his toys that he hasn’t yet gotten around to donating, and seemed to have most fun with the electric shock finger-war game and his plastic rifle.  Boys will be boys will be five-year olds.

When the noise from upstairs started to hurt our ears, Hub and I went grocery shopping.  The boys had gone out to play football when we got home, so I waited until they were back before walking the dogs.  I might be a lousy housekeeper but I have my wits about me, and I know how to avoid guests who overstay their welcome.

We were half way through the walk when the Hub phoned to say his nephew & family had arrived for a visit.  Once they left it was time to say goodbye to the home wreckers from the first floor: nasty, dirty boys.  I don’t know what Spud sees in them and he needn’t bother asking them again.

Spud told me they all thought they were the best pancakes they’d ever tasted.  I never heard that about my cooking before.  What lovely, polite friends he has.  They are welcome back any time.

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