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Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

11 Apr

This is the Hub on his 21st birthday. 

In exactly one week, Tory Boy will be twenty-one. 

We are old.

And here’s why I fell in love with the Hub:


11 Apr
Aparatología fija

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Another interesting date…yawn.  I’ve got eight more 11dot11 to write about, as well as other good numbers (9/10/11, anyone?), and I’ve already run out of stuff to say.

As this is a bad date post, I looked up bad date stories (I don’t have any myself as I haven’t been on a date since 1982), and came across this, which is funny because it’s not funny:

Well i had a date and my boyfriend was called Callum he was a ugly boy but i asked him out any way he said yes ! he dumped me a month later and i found out that that he was using me and the other day i saw him in the car and i made a rude face at him ha ha ha. ~Amy

And this one, which had me laughing out loud:

My boyfriend and I were at my house watching movies. My brother came in right as we were going to make out and threw a ball at the back of my head. It hit me and got my braces stuck to his. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get them unstuck. We stayed like that for 3 hours before we told my parents. They called the orthodontist and it was another hour before we got to the building and got unstuck. During that time though we had a good excuse for making out! ~Anonymous

Sorry this is a dull post; I guess dates aren’t as interesting when they happen all the time.  There’s a word for it, actually: marriage.

Joke 18

11 Apr

The passengers on a ship see a bearded man on a small island, shouting and desperately waving his hands.

“Who is it?” a passenger asks the captain.

“I’ve no idea. Every year when we pass, he goes mad.”

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