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Have You Met My Friend, The Tinman?

6 May

Image by Anthony Piraino via Flickr

Unless you’re related to me, I assume you visit this blog because you like a smile in your day.  I do, too, which is why I visit Tinman’s blog.  Here’s a sample of his take on the recent change the end of a story prompt:

…and the Trojans prepared to leave the mighty horse in the main square and retire for the night. Just then, from the belly of the great beast came the echoey sound of a distinctly Greek accent saying “bloody hell, who farted?”


Suddenly Captain Ahab said “feck it, let’s let him go, my arms are getting tired.”

He has many more.  Please go over and say hi.  He’s hilarious.

Joke 43

6 May

 A lonely stranger went into a deserted restaurant and ordered the breakfast special.

When his order arrived, he looked up at the waitress and asked, “How about a kind word?”

The waitress leaned over and whispered, “Don’t eat the meat.”

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