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I’m Scaring Me Now

21 May
The Manchester City team which won the 1904 FA Cup

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Remember my prediction post of two weeks ago?  Here are my predictions again because I know most readers can’t be bothered to click on the link; it’s not like I don’t already give you enough to read; what do I want?  Blood?  You have a life, too, you know:

  • I will watch Doctor Who
  • Man City will win the FA Cup
  • I will go to church
  • I will write poetry
  • I will eat too much/blog too much/moan at the Hub
  • I will tell my children I love them
  • I will make fun of stupid WordPress prompts

You will be amazed to learn that I had a 100% success rate.  Every single prediction came true (though Number Two was helped along with a little prayer and a lot of sweat and nausea).

I’m rather frightened at how good I am; I didn’t know I possessed such talent.

Have you made any predictions lately that came true?  And how loaded were you?  I’m sorry; I meant, how loaded were they?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

21 May

Here’s a picture of a tomato.  It’s tiny: cherry tomatoes are like that.  So is my brain, I imagine, and there is the possibility it may get smaller.

Reading Kate Shrewsday’s blog today, about a genetic group volunteering to help in the search for an Alzheimer’s cure, I left the following comment:

I have always been glad my Dad died at 64 of lung cancer, because I’m certain he was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

As I wrote it, I had a thought:

It has suddenly occurred to me that if I’m right, there’s a possibility I could get it too! Can you believe I never thought of that in ten years??

I really didn’t.  It never once entered my head, even though I know it’s hereditary and I have always remembered Alan Alda’s performance as a doctor with Alzheimer’s in ER.  There was Meredith’s mom in Grey’s Anatomy.  C.J.’s dad in The West Wing.  I have no excuse not to think of it, given the number of worthy American dramas I watch.

I wonder if it never occurred to me because of the human capacity to know that we will die one day, yet not quite believe it will happen?  We certainly don’t believe we’ll get a serious illness: if we go at all, we’ll be going in our sleep.  Other people die; the chance that I will is tiny, given what an important person I am: I know at least three people who will miss me.  I can’t do that to them; I’m not that selfish.

I don’t know if my Dad did have Alzheimer’s: I diagnosed him after years of medical tv-watching; my education might be missing a few crucial details, like knowledge.  I’m not worried enough to get tested.  Besides, a doctor is going to listen to my reasons and laugh me out of the surgery (I know from House there are mean doctors, too).

My brain is rather more cherry tomato than I’d like: seeds of ideas inside, going nowhere, a pretty addition to my salad days but now shrivelling away in a corner of the kitchen.

Becoming a housewife?  My Mum thought I was out of my tiny mind. 

I don’t regret it: how else would I be able to blog three times a day?  When my mind begins to go, I’ll know there’s a tiny piece of me in the ether that will never die. 

Unless the WordPress prompters catch up with me. 


Joke 58

21 May

When the shocked Inland Revenue Inspector was found guilty of tax evasion, he had to take time to collect himself.


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