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Who Goes There?

25 May
Me and my 542 bestest friends (on Facebook)

Image by tychay via Flickr

How do you decide who to be friends with?

What’s to decide?  In Tilly Budland, it’s friend until proven unfriend; I don’t see why I have to choose. 

I have disliked very few people in my life, but even then I have been friendly to them.  It’s just good manners.

Bonus: What defines the difference between a good friendship vs a close one?

The amount of gifts they bring me.



I Live And Learn

25 May
I am

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Following the photography ‘course’, I have another workshop today; something about committees.  I have no idea what I’ll be doing but it sounded like it might be useful for my cv, so I signed up.

I love taking workshops and courses and increasing my knowledge.  My ideal holiday would be a week of summer school.  I don’t think my family would be so keen on it.  However, if we took a games console with us, they wouldn’t notice.

Between 1997 and now I have taken three-and-a-half A Levels, an honours degree, three computer courses, two writing courses, one job course, countless poetry workshops and many skills workshops.  There hasn’t been one I didn’t enjoy, though the year of the Open University English Language course bummed me out a little.

I also have extensive volunteer experience: you need someone to make tea, paste worksheets into books, wipe the poo from the bottom of a child’s shoe and take money at the door?  I’m your man. 

None of this is doing me any good in my job search.  Employers naturally prefer the recently redundant but up-to-date skills-wise to the eager to learn and willing to turn her hand to anything but hasn’t had paid employment for twenty-one years novice.

It’s probably just as well: if I had a job, I’d miss today’s committee thing and the free lunch beforehand. 

I’ve signed up for seven more workshops so far this year; who has time to work?

Joke 62

25 May

When the rod in her closet fell from the weight of her clothes Sally decided to donate some. 

While gathering the garments she no longer wore, she checked the pockets in one coat and found a ticket for shoes she’d brought in for repairs nearly four years before.   “So that’s what happened to those,” she muttered. 

Later that day after dropping off the clothes, she decided to see if the repairman still had the shoes.  After studying the ticket, the man said. “I’m sorry, but those won’t be ready until Friday.”

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