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Risky Business

1 Jun
A table depicting some example existential risks.

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How do you decide what risks to take?

I get up in the mornings.

All of life is a risk; you’re lucky if you survive childbirth.  At some point afterwards, you will die.  This we are sure of, so why worry about the inevitable?

My advice: enjoy it while you’re here, be nice to everyone, and don’t stick your fingers in the plug socket.

26 Years And Counting

1 Jun

I am attending another workshop today.

It is also our anniversary.

The workshop is on conflict management. I believe I may have acquired some skill in that area over the last quarter-of-a-century.

Happy Anniversary sweatheart.  Love you.  xx*

*Blogging is way cheaper than buying a card.

Joke 69

1 Jun

A pie went for an audition for a part in a play.

The casting agent told him he performed well, but it was more of a sausage roll.

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