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Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

8 Jun

I don’t believe in luck, as such.  But I don’t believe in fate, either.  Things happen, or they don’t.

Take this 4-leaf clover: if I hadn’t looked for it, I wouldn’t have found it; but it was still there.

Take my Hub, as well: if I hadn’t trusted him to carefully stick it into my notebook because he didn’t trust me to do it properly, he wouldn’t have squashed one leaf above another.   He really did a number on it.

Now my grandchildren will wonder what’s so special about this 3-leaf clover that I had to save it. Unless it was as a memento of the time Grandma throttled Grandad.



Joke 76

8 Jun

This one is courtesy of Paula at Reflections From A Cloudy Mirror.  All I can say Paula, is ouch.  Poor Ashley. 

A couple were arguing.

 The husband said, “When I get mad at you, you never fight back. How do you control your anger?”

His wife said, “Well, honey, I clean the toilet.”

“What do you mean, you clean the toilet? How does that help?”

“I use your toothbrush.”

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