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One Direction Socks In The Marriage Laundry

20 Jun


It’s searches-that-found-my-blog time again – one way to hide the fact that I’ve temporarily misplaced the funny.

What Is It About This Blog And Teeth, People?

  • goldfish teeth
  • big fat bad teeth potato
  • ugly mountain woman with no teeth image
  • my old wife get it tubeugly
  • old woman without teeth loughing

I Don’t Get It

  • preaching pyramid
  • personal sophies
  • marriage laundry

I Don’t Get It, But I Like It

  • tickle,tickle,tickle story
  • tapdancing swan

I Totally Get It

  • age is just a number… the higher the better

  • is house wife have stress

I Wish I Got It

  • millions of maltesers

The Laughing Housewife: Reaching The Parts Other Blogs Cannot Reach

  • one direction socks
  • eric idle hair

This Blog Goes International

  • jost og naff
  • irish fart

I’m Afraid It’s Merely An Aspiration

  • weekly housewife
  • poor people smiling

Talk About A Gift From Heaven

  • cynicism and stupidyty

The Way To Get Your Butt Kicked

  • bite girls butt
  • funny mothers day poems from husband
  • getting someone to leave so i can go golf cartoon

Breaking News

  • dog licks housewife

A Little Worrying

  • how to get a gurl if she changes her mind
  • frog dissection cute
  • sophie’s choice joke
  • child with wooden leg
  • cute nazi puppy
  • legionnaires disease laughing
  • fart prohibited

I Ask Again, How Did You End Up Here?

  • happy birthday song in arabic for dad

Ah, I’ve Been There

  • joke plumbing

The Best Kind

  • cartoon funerals

Tell Me, O GoogOracle

  • what is going on in my marriage
  • can this girl change her mind and love me
  • name a way to not get into trouble

We’ve Had It Before But It Tickles My Fancy

  • you are only as old as the woman you fell

Thank You, Lord, For Glorious Typos

  • charles blackman feel beneath the table
  • your as old as the woman you tough


(gay socks gay socks


Joke 88

20 Jun

“How was your game, dear?” asked Jack’s wife, Tracy.

“Well, I was hitting pretty well, but my eyesight’s gotten so bad I couldn’t see where the ball went,” he answered.

“But you’re 75 years old, Jack!” admonished his wife, “why don’t you take my brother Scott along?”

“But he’s 85 and doesn’t play golf any more,” protested Jack.

“But he’s got perfect eyesight. He would watch the ball for you,” Tracy pointed out.

The next day Jack teed off with Scott looking on. Jack swung and the ball disappeared down the middle of the fairway. “Do you see it?” asked Jack.

“Yup,” Scott answered.

“Well, where is it?” yelled Jack, peering off into the distance.

“I forget.”

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