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Some Interesting Facts

23 Jun
Leonardo da Vinci

Image by Sirpale79 via Flickr

I’m sharing these facts because they are interesting, but they have no relevance to anything.

  • A jiffy is an actual unit of time: 1/1000th of a second.  Unless you’re trying to fit something into one of their bags, in which case it feels like an eternity.
  • Almonds are part of the peach family.  I have no comment to make on that almost-dull fact.  I don’t like almonds.  That’s not why I’m not commenting.  Though that was technically a comment.  Okay, my comment on the fact that almonds are part of the peach family is that I don’t like almonds.  And I’m not mad on peaches, if I’m honest.
  • In the last 4000 years, no new animals have been domesticated.  Including cats.
  • Leonardo da Vinci invented the scissors.  I’m not convinced that’s true because wasn’t he left-handed?  Surely he’d have invented left-handed scissors first?  Then a majority of the population would be cursing when cutting, instead of a minority.  Though he was all about the greater good, wasn’t he?  That’s why he suppressed his invention of the submarine.
  • Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.  You wouldn’t believe that if you ever saw Snoopy dozing on his kennel.
  • Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.  So do tights.  We don’t say ‘refrigerator’ any more, so why don’t we say ‘fridged’?  Rubber bands last longer when fridged.  So do tights.
  • The average person’s left hand does 56% of the typing.  Try it.  Tell me what you think.  I think I’m not average.  Or perhaps I just can’t type.
  • The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.  I thought he’d have invented dry cleaning first.


Joke 91

23 Jun

In order to show a profit, the floundering gourmet seafood restaurant was allowed to cook its books, since there is no accounting for taste.

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