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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

28 Jun

Looks like Toby’s been doing a little too much ‘refreshing’, if you know what I mean:

And I know who to blame:

Evading The Question

28 Jun
Photographer: Frank C. Müller

Image via Wikipedia

Do you believe in free-will?

I’m not sure.  Let me ask my husband; he’s always telling me what to do.

They say “everything happens for a reason” – do you think this is true?

What’s your reason for asking?

One health story making the rounds is how sitting too much all day will kill you. Since you are likely seated as you read this, don’t panic. We want to help.

Since we here at want you around, and blogging, forever, we’d like you to get up, right now, and do some push-ups.  How many do you think you can do? Write it down. Then go do ’em. And write a blog post about the results. Did it feel good? Did you do more or less than you guessed?

According to fitness scientists, a 40 year old woman should be able to do 16. A man, 27.  And Jack LaLanne was doing push-ups into his 90s.

See The Simple Push-Up for more background on this curiously useful exercise.

The Laughing Housewife Blog is temporarily suspended due to Tilly Bud falling into a paroxysm of laughter on reading this prompt; and then a coffee table.

Joke 96

28 Jun

How many cats can you put into an empty box?

Only one. After that, the box isn’t empty.

cat cartoon

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