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8 Aug

Bet you thought I’d forgotten the date, didn’t you?

I had.  I’m writing this at eight minutes to midnight.


Giving Up Blogging

8 Aug
Photograph of Jimbo Wales sans head (from :Ima...

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I don’t normally post new searches so close together, but I’ve had a bumper week.  I’m sure you won’t mind.*





I Don’t Know What These Are But I Really Want Some

  • big w lollies
  • janina muscle

This Person Obviously Has No Life.  Or Is My Husband

  • fun facts about aviation

You’d Think He’d Be Too Busy Being A Superhero To Have Time To Write About Me

  • batmanlive reviews housewife

I’m Afraid To Ask

  • bugger cartoon
  • pokemon houswife
  • gang of mice
  • shanana church brandenburg

I’m Definitely Visiting These Places

  • humor hotels in copenhagen
  • sharks sitting at tables

Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap

  • giving up blogging

Are There Any Other Kind?

  • daft porn tube
  • ugly flat frog
  • freak smile
  • customer waiting for reply from bank
  • funny pictures of people farting

Social Networking Takes On A Whole New Dimension

  • facebook gay socks

I Wish I Was This Person

  • i smiled and the world smiles with me
  • what should i do i have tickets to batman live but i’ve been invited to the gala performance

Even Google Needs A Little More Information Than This

  • mrs nicholson stockport

Who Says Religion And Science Don’t Mix?

  • noah’s arc

As Opposed To Real Pictures?

  • fictional pictures of insects

She’s Back, But She’s Lost A Limb

  • massive leg woman

And Finally…Someone Is Being Mean To My Readers

  • tinman you’re ugly cartoon have no heart


I do apologise, Tinman, but that’s life.  This really has nothing to do with me.



Joke 137

8 Aug

Thanks to Sidey for this one.

A mate of mine recently admitted to being addicted to brake fluid. 

When I quizzed him on it he reckoned he could stop any time.

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