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Unhappy Anniversary

15 Aug
South Africa (orthographic projection)
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Imagine it’s August 2021 – what is your life like?

If ever there was an exercise in futility…. 

On this very day, Fifteenth August, 1996 – fifteen years ago – I arrived back in the UK after fourteen years in South Africa, with two children, two prams, eleven trunks full of stuff I wouldn’t see for eight months, six suitcases, and the expectation that the Hub would follow me and we would have no trouble finding jobs, a home and a happy new life.

The Hub followed me, so that was something.

We found ourselves homeless and jobless; he got sick with CFS/ME; our money ran out; and three of our parents died within eighteen months of each other.  Did you ever stand in a hurricane and wonder how you got there?  Me neither, but I bet I know how it feels.

Work for a better future, definitely; but don’t expect it.  Expectations are a waste of time.  Dreaming is a waste of time.  Live in the now, and make the most of it; be grateful for what you have – a happy marriage; great kids; much laughter; a roof over your head and food, however burnt, on the table.

I’d rather look back on laughter and good times than hope for it to come, because there are no guarantees.

101/1001 (20) A Late Update

15 Aug

You should have had this update on Friday but I was busy in the jungle and when I got home I was busy preparing for Saturday’s arrival of my niece and nephew, here for a fortnight.   So busy, in fact, that I had no time for tasks, except for seeing the fabulous Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part two); but I told you that.

What I can tell you is that we have quite a few new challengers joining us.  Like with the looters, mob mentality works.  Check them out: they have some great tasks on their list.  And don’t forget, you can join us, too.

Joke 144

15 Aug

I wouldn’t say I was a bad cook but my family automatically heads for the table every time they hear a fire alarm.

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