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101/1001 (21) Another Late Update

21 Aug

I’m sure you’ll forgive me for not keeping to my self-imposed updating timetable when I remind you that I have young visitors; and that there’s really nothing to report.   It’s difficult to work on challenges when I have a full house.  I suppose that’s part of the challenge.

We do have two welcome new members of our beginning not to be so exclusive club:

Silly Wrong But Vivid Right and Vicrace Designs

You can check out the other members on the right; and while you’re doing that, think about joining us.


As I have nothing to report, I’ll flesh this post out with a general catch-up.


Of some worry to the management was the number of people (28.57%) who willingly admitted to being freaks in the recent Friends poll.  At least you’re honest.

More concern was felt at the number of huge fibbers who claimed to have a life (35.71%). If that were the case, you wouldn’t be filling in fatuous polls now, would you?


The number of compliments paid has fallen sharply after my begging letter.  Thank you. Especially to those who took it to the other extreme and offered gratuitous insults.  It’s nice to know you care.


Finally, something I read this week amused me:

Space is important; vital, really, if you’re a newspaper: this week on the Stockport Express website, there was a headline that ran

Man who looted charity box in Manchester riots in the dock. 

But they ran the story in a narrow left-hand column and it read

Man who looted charity box in Manchester
riots in the dock


Don’t you just love it?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

21 Aug

This is my beautiful niece-in-law on her wedding day.  Actually, she’s the Hub’s nephew’s wife, so that would make her my niece-in-law-in-law.  She’s lovely, and she’s given me two great-nephews.  In-law.  And they’re not just great-nephews, but great great-nephews.  I love them.  I love babies.  I miss babies.  I wish I’d had more babies of my own.  My own babies are just about grown up now.  Sigh.

What was the prompt again?

Joke 150

21 Aug

Inspired by his cousin, my big little boy offers this one. 

A man and a giraffe walk into a bar, where the giraffe suddenly falls asleep on the floor. The barman shouts to the man, ‘Oi! What’s that lyin’ there?’

The man responds, ‘That’s not a lion; it’s a giraffe.’

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